Wimbletech Bytes

I spoke on the importance of building a following/tribe as part of your marketing plan. I felt immensely accomplished doing this talk as it was my first one that hadn't relied on myself or friends organising it!

Wimbletech is a unique coworking space located in an under-utilised library. If you are London based and need a space to work from, check them out as they are phenomenal.

Dan Rice talking about tribe building at Wimbletech Bytes

Living With Purpose

I worked as one of four organisers of this event held in South Bank. We called the event Living With Purpose and I did a talk about how we have a natural tendency to judge people.

I had a lot of fun with this talk, using props and playing games with the audience to make my point. I successfully trick my audience into being judgemental before revealing the person they loved and the person they now hated were both just different (true) stories about me.

To date this is my only talk that hasn't been about business or marketing but I loved the experimental element (it helps that it was also well received of course!)

Social Media Scotland

Before I (or the event host Delboy) had the common sense to take video or photos we spoke at an event he ran in Edinburgh.

However, it was the start of my international speaking career...

I talked about Facebook Groups and how individual business owners could use them/ My focus was on using them as an early part of their funnel, as a method of capturing their audience's attention and grabbing the opportunity to present their expertise over time. As an alternative to one-off marketing messaging.

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