The Hidden Truth: Kitchens

For this campaign I lead the entire process, right from the original research and ideation elements of the campaign.

We researched this topic thoroughly, relying only on the most trusted resources to provide us with an interesting infographic. My intention was to demonstrate the expertise of the founder, whilst also using the exciting data and illustrations to make an interesting and shareable piece of content.

Artwork by Chris

Picking the Right Country: For Expats

The client was a trusted pensions and investments advisor and we were tasked with providing content that would raise awareness of the brand.

The subject was a clear favourite from the very beginning of my triple lock process. This piece went on to secure print and website coverage from The Mirror and a large number of niche websites. Ensuring that it was a highly successful infographic campaign.

Artwork by Emma

The Heroes of ICT

We wanted to combine Chris' incredible artwork and style with some fun and shareable facts about ICT support.

We wanted people to recognise themselves in this piece and when they didn't recognis an experience they have had.

Whilst this gained something of a cult following for them within existing clients, it did not secure press coverage to the extent we had hoped.

Artwork by Chris

Transgender Campaigns

We ran two successful infographics campaigns for an American transgender clothing company. Each piece secured interest and links online, whilst also providing the owner with tangible assets that he could proudly share with his network.

The first infographic tackled the topic of changing attitudes in the US towards transgender people. The topic was challenging but important and so we had to ensure we got it right.

The second campaign looked at the experiences of transgender people before and after transitions. We worked with an influencer in the space to co-promote the content and tell her story. Which significantly boosted the appeal of the content and the project as a whole.

Both campaigns provided success, securing links in the USA in a market that had proved difficult to achieve them for in the past.

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