Can You ‘Fix’ A Twitter Account

  • Dan Rice 

You see a crappy Twitter Account and want the name, but the user is sitting on it. Worse, they won't even respond to you, let alone let you take it on and make it awesome.

This happens so often that I decided to ask my followers if they had any old Twitter accounts in the hope I would find something dreadful in those handed to me. I did not. However I did find one with plenty of potential for improvement, on a topic I know reasonably well and whilst they hadn't done a lot wrong the account was:

  • Dormant since 2016
  • Followed more accounts than followers
  • Has a great handle
  • The owner was happy for me to take it on for experiments

I introduce to you one of my new experiments... namely... @SEOSpy

Whilst I tend to be pretty good at working on and fixing accounts. I do have a tendency to 'wing' it. A strategy and plan that isn't easily replicable and doesn't allow me to ensure that I am definitely sharing my best ideas and work with everyone.

I want to learn, I want to teach and I want to get better at producing content about more of the stuff I do behind the scenes as I think many people have an impression of me that I make a few jokes, have a lot of conversations and try to help people until something lands. Whilst I try to do all those things, that isn't all that I do and experimentation and play is key to my personal development.

So rather than do this in private, I am going to clean up this account, make some changes and see how I do. I will share with you each of the major actions I take and of course the account is open to you to follow along (even if you're not actually going to follow the account).

I don't want to make this a long winded post about everything I'm doing initially to fix the profile before we get going. But here is a short list you can review and I'll include the ongoing plan and activity in the 2nd update in mid February!

  • Define the purpose of the account
  • Change and brand up the profile pic, header and bio
  • Set a plan for unfollowing accounts - starting with those that have been inactive the longest (initial research shows over 3,800 days in many cases)
  • Update the profile information
  • Pin a tweet
  • Restart tweeting!

My strategy initially is going to be to unfollow the useless accounts ensuring that the follower and following become a lot cleaner and more relevant. However this will take a long time and will be helped by a defined content strategy. So whilst I'll initially post ad hoc and curate my shares, the fuller posting strategy with monthly themes will likely come into play in February onward.

It didn't start very well, this account is following so many people, I couldn't even follow my own account haha!

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