Pretty Fly For a White Guy!

I apologise to anyone that has not endured this yet!

In my defence it was part of a challenge, which is kind of like a dare but with implied significance.

Facebook Groups

I have worked behind the scenes on a number of very successful Facebook Groups.

Many people built their groups for short term numbers and success and this was a very successful way to create interest in their brands. Others have gone on to build brands around their communities and have developed strong Facebook groups as a result.

I also ran training which produced the best and most long-lasting results including these three beauties!

Coaching For Geeks - Robin Bates

The Coach and Consultant Handbook - Robin Waite

The Founders Network - Steven Haggerty


The Startup Toolbox

A Blab show by Dan Rice and Bizpaul

Remember Blab? No? Just me then???

Myself and Bizpaul (now of Likemind Media) started a series about the tools and tactics used by startup businesses. At the time I was working heavily in the space and was even recognised as a 'top influencer' by Startacus (what went wrong right?)

We had a lot of fun, did half a dozen shows and then the platform collapsed. We never picked it up again but we are talking about me going on his podcast as a guest!