Talent Locker SEO

In January I joined Talent Locker as Marketing Manager. With full responsibility for the digital and offline marketing efforts of the company. They were mid-migration to a new site and upon arrival I was met with a site that was some way behind the position we'd hoped to be in.

As you can see we have delivered significant performance improvements all round. Especially when you consider that the January numbers included the original development company as we could not exclude anyone from our office or theirs from the analytics at the time!

Getting the Basics Right

We have delivered this improvement without significant spends. We research our content in house, write it and then I edit them personally. We work with freelancers throughout the process as and when needed.

Beyond this process, all the fixes have been technical. Although these are not the only reasons for the improvement. Significant time and effort has been put into diversifying where our traffic comes from, with social media and referrals providing roughly a third of our traffic in comparison to practically zero when I joined.

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