A headshot of Dan Rice

Overlord of Digital Marketing...

I, like many others, could regale you with stories of success and how all that success came down to a single, emphatic, moment of genius.... but aint nobody got time for that!

So rather than present you with my portfolio or a jazzed up version of my LinkedIn Profile (see it's a clicky link that reveals my DOB too!) I'm going to share 3 failure stories that clearly demonstrate times that I was a total plank. Often without realising it and often where I am not sure I've even learned anything from the experience even now.

But it feels so empty without me

As with all your favourite loveable rogues. I went through an especially unloveable and rogueish time as a teenager. This included but was not limited to:

  • labret and eyebrow piercings
  • Eminem-style bleach blonde hair
  • A 'badger' hairstyle fashioned by a standup comedian

None of these were a wise choice and I am still trying to secure photographic evidence from friends and/or family.

I'm yet to secure actual evidence of this shameful time

Well at least I tried

My first business venture was a blog where I would experiment with get rich quick schemes. It was called The Get Rich Quick Experiment and whilst I learned a lot, it was an awful project.

  • too chicken to try out anything crazy
  • wrote too many blogs (twice a day at one point) about absolutely nothing!
  • I did produce some fun content too including that HYIP video <<<

Dan Rice: Pro Footballer

Yes I had a few decent trials and even ended up playing for Farnborough Town Youth Team (when the 1sts were in the Vauxhall Conference). But that experience did not end well due to poor management!

Not one to learn fast, I then fell hook, line and sinker for the LA Galaxy's effort to raise funds for David Beckham's horrendous salary and paid to trial with them. Not only did I not train properly, but I forgot to pack a pair of shorts with me and had to buy a pair on the trip.

Dan as a cross country runner