Can You ‘Fix’ A Twitter Account

By Dan Rice | 15th January 2021

You see a crappy Twitter Account and want the name, but the user is sitting on it. Worse, they won’t even respond to you, let alone let you take it on and make it awesome. This happens so often that I decided to ask my followers if they had any old Twitter accounts in the… Read More »Can You ‘Fix’ A Twitter Account

An example of a question that has been scheduled on SocialBee

Can I Ask You a Question Please?: A Micro Study

By Dan Rice | 14th June 2020

Question posts are the most popular tweets on my Twitter account. I’ve never worked on an account where this isn’t the case. That alone makes it worthy of devising some sort of test to see if consistently posting questions is a good idea. If I cannot outperform questions consistently, then could I just ask questions?… Read More »Can I Ask You a Question Please?: A Micro Study